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Natasha Wright is a New Zealand born artist and curator based in New York City.

I create large-scale paintings of emotionally charged scenarios. Women are depicted as complicated subjects, aloof, vulnerable and domineering.

Inspired by film, the paintings present females with an energy that is submissive and empowered. The works explore themes of sexuality, strength and fragility from a woman’s point of view.

The women dangle between innocence and experience. The figures are free-floating and weightless. They inhabit and command an often undefined, empty space, lounging and falling. The paintings reveal multiple layers, an idiosyncratic personality, both hidden and exposed. 

I’m interested in the dichotomy of beauty and ugliness, love and obsession, improvisation and control. Symbolic elements are often woven into the paintings that address the exchange of narcissism, objectification and the erotic connection between men and women.


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