Artist Statement 



My paintings explore ideas of sexuality, intimacy and desire from a feminine perspective. The human form plays a hide and seek by emerging from and disappearing into the painting. Linear forms and large blocks of color challenge the surface and depth of space the figures inhabit. Subjects are often cropped, highlighting moments of heightened sensation.

The paintings explore intimacy through the presence of touch. The relationship one has with oneself and others is always at the forefront of my work. These relationships can often be calm, ambiguous, pleasurable, or tumultuous.

The dichotomy between beauty and ugliness, love and obsession, improvisation and control motivates my work. The paintings reveal multiple layers, an idiosyncratic personality both hidden and exposed.

Vulnerability and power, seductive and aggressive, political and personal, these dualities create the dynamic of my paintings which are alive and questioning. The women I paint balance a complicated dichotomy, both grotesque and beautiful. They are not naive to the history and male subjectivity they inherit. They claim their space to discover who they are on their own terms.

In my work, the substance of paint becomes an analogy for the body. Paint is used as a metaphor to create a skin of human experience. I employ a wide variety of media and processes – pouring, bleeding and dyeing the canvas. I like to think of the unpredictable nature of paint as being a parallel to one’s life. An element of chance is an important part of my work .